Hello there.

I’m a freelance web designer, illustrator & front-end developer based in Manchester, UK.

A shiny egg

What I do.

Web design.

With over 10 years industry experience in responsive web design, UX / UI, and wireframing, I’m ready to create a great looking site tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Shiny Egg Design


As an illustrator and designer, I’m excited to collaborate on crafting compelling brands, impactful logos, memorable stationery, and much more!

Shiny Egg Illustration

Front-end development.

Accurately implementing designs as responsive, mobile-first layouts; I’m a front-end WordPress developer using HTML, CSS and JS.

Shiny Egg Development


  • MOSI 30 poster
  • AND Watch the Skies poster
  • Calyx drinks labels
  • MHRM park illustration
  • JDR character illustrations
  • Kognity science illustration
  • eNurture Submarine Illustration
  • Gain Line website
  • MHRM park illustration
  • UoM Get Started booklet
  • UoM Get Started poster
  • eNurture London Illustration
  • Rudd Centre Professionals Illustration
  • Inology robot character illustrations
  • Kognity Science Teacher Illustration
  • Attensi Arcade Machine Illustration
  • Kognity Science Teacher Illustration
  • Kognity website
  • Kognity classroom illustration
  • Kognity Computer Teacher Illustration
  • Rudd Centre Team Illustration
  • Kognity stats illustration
  • Middlewood website
  • MOSI 30 poster
  • GMDRC logo
  • eNurture Binoculars Illustration
  • MHRM street illustration
  • 22 Lever St website
  • eNurture Meeting Illustration
  • Attensi Joystick Illustration
  • Digital Utopias poster
  • UCD CAMHS illustration
  • Pharmacist Support Workbook
  • Telemental Infographic
  • eNuture Compass Illustration
  • Cornerhouse poster
  • Rudd Centre Family Units Illustration
  • Marathon Tours website
  • eNurture Diving Illustration
  • MOSI train illustration
  • Attensi astronaut
  • MOSI 30 poster
  • Heycar illustrations
  • Weightmans AI character illustration
  • eNurture Streaming Illustration
  • MOSI 30 poster
  • Kognity reading illustration
  • MHRM shape character illustrations
  • UCD community illustration
  • Attensi White Paper
  • eNurture Boat Illustration
  • Blend Bros tins
  • Pharmacist Support machine illustration
  • Christmas at the Mill poster

Get in touch.

If you have a project in mind and are interested in working together, feel free to drop me a message.

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